Anti-Pollution -Virus Saftey -Bike Rider -Cotton Mask (Pack of 1) Mask – 10$



Young Trendz Particulate Respirator is the best product available at a very low and reasonable price. This mask can be used as Anti-Pollution, Anti-Dust, Anti-Smoke mask also. The mask has stretchable straps which makes it to fit perfectly onto your face. While driving, the mask does not fall off or slide away with the air pressure. The mask is made up with strechabel lycra material to help adjust the mask according to your nose shape and dimension. The mask is made of high quality Cotton Spandex material which does not allow the particulate matter to penetrate. Mask filters air particles, dust, smoke, liquid aerosols from entering your breathing mechanism. This can be used for driving, running, trekking, jogging etc and used at any place like Office, Workplace, Home, Outside etc. The respiration holes controls the amount of air flowing inside and outside maintaining an optimum balance.

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Weight .5 g


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